My Ten Gaps:
  1. A way to replace deck planks easily
  2. Organization of a home-based beadwork design studio
  3. System that notifies user when they are falling asleep at computer
  4. Bedside tables and organized system for patient living at home with hospital bed, so daily use items are reachable and do not fall on the floor
  5. Organized and timely notifying dispensary for medications
  6. Things needed for baby on trip, specifically clean clothes, diapers, wipes, powders, food, etc. - not only keeping things organized, but parents in control and not without needed items
  7. Aid at the gas pump for elderly and disabled solitary drivers
  8. Organization of in-home recording studio
  9. Making the use of an external monitor and keyboard for a laptop easier
  10. A way to keep all free online courses (MOOCs) organized so that student is never late with an exam, assignment, reading, or forum

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    ...has Bachelors in Healthcare Management/Business Administration, prior nursing studies, worked in research doing telephone data collection for; was crew leader and Recruiting Assistant for Census Bureau during 2010 Census.  Will write about anything, but eye-opening and help/health topics may rule!  Author is looking to find that perfect niche career...will consider paying collaborations.  Accomplished performer (vocals/guitar) and songwriter, she is on sabbatical from worldly desires.


    May 2013