Original Gap Statement
    A system that holds my assorted goodies in place would fill my gap!
In what way might I ...
  • Design a system to hold assorted goodies by the patient's bedside
  • Store belongings by the bedside for easy access
  • Have access to things used daily right near the bed
  • Keep things from falling on the floor from the bedside table
  • Have access to tools needed for use in the room (remotes, phones, computers, mp3 players, headphones, phone headset, etc.)
  • Cut down on time the caregiver needs to devote to helping the patient
  • Allow the tabletop to be used for food and bath needs still allowing access to belongings for the patient
  • Keep belongings organized, safe, and secure for patient without the need of a caregiver to provide access
  • Provide a safe compartment for things that could create problems, such as drinks or lotions
  • Allow for easy cleaning for hygienic hospital policy
  • Create a cabinet/system that is easily moved for use of the hospital bedside table
  • Create a cabinet/system that will not move or in other ways fail - secure positioning
  • Tabletop cabinet attaches swiftly to table, dresser, or shelving unit; if positioned on unit with wheels, wheels must lock

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    ...has taken on the challenge of designing something that will personally help her at home, but could provide great benefits to people all over the world, an item that, as of yet, is not available.


    May 2013