Pictures below.  My apologies, for taking so long - have been undergoing some medical procedures and have been ill all week. Will be getting a 2nd MRI this coming week, so it is pretty severe.  Did re-reviewing the videos because I did not want to miss any good ideas - he had such great info this week, and I'd like to follow his steps.  Here is some data on my Gap, an actual item I need, but may never get to create:

Gap Problem being solved is a easily-accessible, self-contained unit for personal items that patients have at their beside, usually on a table, that can be moved easily by a caregiver and contains everything patient uses daily, weekly, and monthly.

The 2 primary points are 1) contain all needed items safely and for easy access, and 2) make design so that caregiver and patient can easily access, and move if necessary (if patient is able).

Items that need to be included range from
- Hygiene items - brushes (hair, tooth), toothpaste, comb, tweezers, nail file, nail clippers, etc., all in pockets or small envelopes, with the exception of the toothpaste which is first secured in a plastic bag
- Electronic items - remotes, cell phones, ear buds/phones, MP3 player/iPods, etc. all clipped in place or in a pocket along the outside of container, or even in a shelf in the container
- Books and Stationary items - pens, pencils, papers, envelopes, stamps, books, magazines, Bible
- Medications should be securely stored and easy to access (depending on patient's situation - if in hospital, meds may be controlled by nursing personnel)

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    Working on medical issues, but have a lot of hope for healing and a comeback!  Stay tuned...


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