Gap Problem being solved is an easily-accessible, self-contained unit for personal items that patients have at their beside, usually on a table, that can be moved easily by a caregiver and contains everything patient uses daily, weekly, and monthly.

  • Container can be moved and follow patient to new rooms.
  • Container will hold hygiene items.
  • Container will hold books and stationery.
  • Container will secure self-serving medications.
  • Container will handle technological devices.
  • Container will provide easy access to items needed daily.
  • Container will present as a professional device.
  • Container will hold other miscellaneous objects.
Below is one of the concepts from last week of a tray below 3 sections of the design - but what was more important was prototyping the sections, as the tray idea got little traction in the matrix for this week, so that is what is in the pictures for two (2) concepts drawing on sections.  The first will be a section of drawers, which I actually do use next to my hospital bed.  The second picture will be of the box concept as a section solution - which is also actually in use at the present time.  I sure do hope I can create better solutions, but being in a hospital bed at home, I am a little bit limited, but this class sure has got me thinking...and my husband stumbled on my design ideas this week, and he actually studied them quite pensively for a few if I could just persuade him to help me develop my ideas!
Even though the concept above is in use, the box section is what is being presented - and the patient has crammed that box full with envelopes, a clock, a hair device, and so many other things one can see why a more modern approach to this prototype may be needed!

The next concept presented is also from the Matrix dealing with Medication Storage and though there is no way to do a representation with a key, as indicated as a possibility, medication is still stored within a drawer of section 1 as shown below the concept drawing.
Gee, all that medicine and what is that?  CANDY?  Good thing this patient is not a diabetic, nor ever going to be one (proven fact).  Oh, well, at least the patient is trying to do something worthwhile during their medical sabbatical - hope you enjoyed this design week.  My apologies for not being more serious about this, but there is only so much you can do from my position.  Thanks for visiting!

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    It is hard to believe it but I am actually feeling more like a designer with every class!


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