This design concept was one that I needed.  GAP CONCEPT - design a bedside organizer that could be used for a person that was in a hospital bed much of the time, and could organize all the stuff they needed to improve their quality of life.

Well, that is the overview of this concept.  I wanted it to be transportable by patient or caregiver, but that is beyond the capabilities of the designer (me) at this time, so had to put that part of prototype off for awhile.  In one of the ideas, I wanted to be able to make this one unit, attached together, again moveable, but more important easy to access.  I think I have accomplished that with my little prototype.  But I have to say that the user (me) is not at all satisfied with the final prototype at this time (good thing it is a prototype) because it doesn't do all that I want it to do, and it still looks disorganized.  I was not able to get the other piece of the prototype which is buried behind some boxes and I am unable to move those boxes.  Husband is unavailable to help me, and I do not have a caregiver.  Husband does make sure I eat and have water to drink.  He even makes coffee in the mornings, but at this point in time, for some reason, I am having a hard time drinking coffee, it causes too much pain.

I am going to post two (2) pictures of the current prototype in all its glory...mind you, I am having to take this picture from the hospital bed where I use this thing.  I so wanted to do so much more, but my health has worsened.  I see the doctors next week.  By the way, it is back to the drawing board for this prototype, much like the professor's scoop!  So, the pictures (2) for the concept should be here:
Let me talk a little about this picture - it is only part of the prototype, but it is my favorite portion, because it at least looks a little like what the final might, made out of good grade plastic, can see in the drawers, easy to access, can put food on top of a level surface above the unit. You can see medications in drawer two, and this has definitely kept my things from falling on the floor.  But also, you see the water bottle there, and I keep knocking those on the floor, then cannot retrieve them.  You can see part of the box from the rest of the prototype there, how it houses my nail file and tweezers in its edge, plus a bunch of disorganized things in it...that is why I am not happy with this part of the prototype, just too disorganized.  So, let's look at another picture:

Now you can see the second section of the prototype which is basically that box I was describing with a lower front than back and side walls of cardboard up to the back.  You see I have a plastic bag full of things - my husband bought me a tablet, an android tablet, as he doesn't really understand computers, thinking it would be a back up for my laptop (not quite, hun, but what a sweetie).  Anyway, all the attachments, chords, headphones, etc., are in that bag.  Don't use them everyday but close to where I can reach them if I do.  A hair fastener in the front (used rarely), Obviously a bunch of letters, mail I have to respond to, things I have to do - just because I am in a hospital bed doesn't mean that bill collectors will leave you alone, and family writes for money every so often.  Then the proverbial used napkins.  There is a time in there (it is only in there so I can get my husband to find some batteries for it, thought is would be nice to have the time by my bead), some beads that I need to put away as my beading days are probably over for now, gets hard to work on them here, and can't seem to get anything done that I start without a lot of stress (sounds like I am giving up, but not really, just need to rest, so tired).  There are other things in that box - it's a catchall.

So that is the prototype in actual use...really need to build a really good one, just to prove I can (says the designer in me!).

Here is where I'm supposed to tell you how I tested it...I tested it on myself, which is probably not the best test, but as the user, I am not satisfied with the concept.  I am planning on throwing up a little questionnaire on Facebook, I have a few friends who are in wheelchairs and hospital beds on there, and there opinion might count, I think.  That is about the best I can do, as I have no way of getting out of this house to test this on a local nursing home (which would be a good idea, walk from room to room and see if patients would like something like this).  I will try to test it on Facebook, but that will be the best I can do at this time. You will see the results for Facebook testing, if I get that accomplished before the end of next week.  I can't really apologize for that, my life is what it is...I have really enjoyed this class, but have gotten really tired of late.  THANKS FOR LISTENING!
6/3/2013 04:19:36

Congratulations Suzanne!! You are doing a GREAT job. This is a very good idea that can make life easier and feel better while they have to stay in bed. Keep going!


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    My health is not getting better - this week it seems worse, but I'm not giving up.  I see doctors next week, and then more specialists.  I wish they would do something instead of just keep me medicated, my life is wasting away here.


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