This Alpha Prototype represents the current device designed for my gap.  My gap was a need to simple put things used daily safely next to my hospital bed on a table top.  I spend most of my time in my hospital bed and between gravity and limited reach, my things seem to disappear or get lost easily.  Now, the alpha prototype is simple a plastic container of 3 drawers with room on top to put a plate of food, and anything else I'd like.  It also has an open box next to it that I can put other things in that don't need to stay so organized.  Envelopes that stand up, headphones in a bag, dry toast, just a catch all.  There are two pictures that show it in use.  Hopefully, by next week, I will be able to have two drawer units in place for the beta.  It was originally to have a handle and be a complete unit.  Unfortunately, in my condition, there is no way to create this item, due to my disabilities and limits.  Maybe some day in the future.  This would be a useful item for many patients, not just me, and the caregivers could easily move the device for meals or baths or treatments.  So, someday, maybe one of my children will help me make a real prototype.  Until then, there are two shots of the current alpha prototype in use below.
You can see in the drawers are pencils, papers, glasses in the top, pills in the middle, and more "stuff" in the bottom, tape, remote, notebook for taking class notes.  There is still room on the table for a couple of bottles of water, and in the next part of the prototype you can see a fingernail file and some tweezers upright in that box.  Oh, on top of this part of the prototype you can see a phone.  Above that there is room on top of that box for a plate of food, crucial to being in this bed, because I cannot possibly get in and out of bed holding a plate of food, but cannot either finish a whole meal at one time!  Next up, the second part of the alpha prototype, the catch all box:
As you can see in the catch all box, there are a multitude of things, mostly so they don't just fall on the floor.  This has been very helpful for that, but still a little disorganized.  Papers, envelopes, things I have to do this week, a timer, a bag of electronics for my android tablet, a hair clip on the front of the box, two steak knives (I kiddingly told my husband they were to defend myself, because I alone here all too often).  There's also some napkins in the box, because you have to have those around when you are stuck in a hospital bed.  Sure wish I could figure out how to create these for real; I have a lot of friends who could use this.  Ah, someday - thanks for viewing!

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    Did get out of the house for the day, yesterday. Kids with grandsons came over from Orcas Island and went to the local carnival at local Catholic church.  Mostly I just sat and babysat the youngest, 15 month old Jamison, which was fine with me.  Kids and other grandson, Jayden, had a great time and I actually got out of the hospital bed.  Of course, today, Sunday, I am wiped out, not as bad as I thought I would be.  So in the last week have been out of the house on day long events twice. Actually got sun yesterday.  Got kids on the ferry today, all is good, life is good!  Got to hold the baby right before he left on ferry and he laid his little head on my shoulder, knowing it would be awhile before he sees Grannie again...


    June 2013